Through Church Outreach


Chairperson: Pat Scheer

Alternate contact person:

Meetings: Place and Times: Every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm

Purpose or Action Statement: Introduce or reintroduce people to Jesus Christ through His church by praying for them, finding ways to cultivate friendships with them, inviting them to Christ centered activities and events.

Annual Activities or Events: Church Fall retreat, Open house, training for community and various activities


Chairperson: Tom Steuver

Alternated contact: Jeff Sindiong

Meetings:  As needed

Purpose or Action Statement: Develop and maintain an accessible, informative and interactive church website.


Chairperson: Doug Jones

Alternate contact person: Marcia Merse

Meetings: Place and Times: Mostly every Monday, but do meet when a situation should arise that needs immediate attention.

Purpose or Action Statement: Maintain the capital assets of the church, clean building, and property grounds.

Annual Activities or Events: Organize a church wide “landscape day” for the church grounds, and work with all state and local inspectors.

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