Poems by Bill Gregg


I was sitting around just the other day
It was nice outside, but nobody to play
Then a way down deep
I felt the Holy Spirit say
“Let’s go look for God”

I went outside and the sky was blue
Now there’s a bit of beauty only God could do
But something told me
That my looking wasn’t through
Even though I had found God

I saw a butterfly with its colors galore
It took me a second, but I knew for sure
That God made him and
Probly’ five billion more
And I knew that I’d found God

I saw a pretty bird as it winged by
Only God could make such a critter to fly
I smiled about that
And I gave a big sigh
Cause I knew that I’d found God

I felt the gentle breeze as it touch my face
As it came and it went without a trace
I knew it was a gift
That was from God’s grace
And I knew that I’d found God

I smelled the pretty flowers and the full bloomed trees
Now who could create wonders such as these?
I thought for a moment then
As pretty as you please
I knew that I’d found God

I heard the crickets singing with a sound so sweet
Those tiny musicians never missed a single beat
My ears almost smiled
To get such a treat
And I knew that I’d found God

I found an apple tree with its fruit so red
I had to bend down so they wouldn’t bump my head
I bit a juicy apple and
It was then that I said
I know that I’ve found God

It seemed like every place that I’d tromped around
God was surely there in every sight and taste and sound
The Holy Spirit showed me
From the sky to the ground
That every thing is God

Then I felt like there was nothing that I could say
So I closed my eyes tight and I started to pray
Then peace filled me up
In a very special way
And then I talked to God


Memorial Day
in loving memory of Linn E. Gregg
veteran of WWII and the Korean War
May 25, 1924 to March 1, 2007
(happy birthday Dad)

You can see it in a movie, you can read it in a book
about the selfless souls, who did whatever it took
and the countless things that they forsook
They paid a price for me

They came from the farms and they came from town
when their country called, they all came round
When the odds were long, they never gave ground
They paid a price for me

For God and country, and for freedom too
The went and did what they had to do
They did it for all, for me and you
They paid a price for me

The left their families and they left their friends
and some brave souls, they met their ends
and God, for each, his angels sends
They paid a price for me

While some came back, some laid it down
in the skies and the water and on the ground
no flowers were lay, and no trumpet did sound
They paid a price for me

Some went away whole, but came back less
from their minds and their bodies, taking such duress
our freedoms we owe to them, and no less
They paid a price for me

It started with the twelve that the Son sought out
They each knew well what their task was about
and their lives they gave without ever a doubt
They paid a price for me

It was God himself, who gave up his Son
Christ knew through him it must all be done
over sin and death, the victory He won
I’m as thankful as can be.



I sat in quiet the other day
the free time came in handy
to meditate, and then to pray
“it’s not about the candy”

I have a path that starts and ends
from cradle to the casket
A greater life for me portends
“it’s not about a basket”

Each Easter marks a precious gift
and some might think me funny
it saves me from a life adrift
“it’s not about a bunny”

A gift of endless peace and love
of never knowing strife
a gift that rains from God above
it’s about eternal life

A gift I claim for none to take
my greatest proclamation
it’s when Christ died, just for my sake
it’s about mankind’s salvation

From cross to grave, to throne on High
the lost may think it odd
for me, my Savior went to die
It’s all about my God



I was sitting around the other day
I felt the boredom start to mount
so I thought to myself, that for something to do
my blessings I would count

Now I counted my eyes and I counted my nose
I counted my ears (I’m awful glad to have those)

I counted my legs and I counted my feet
and I’m happy to say that I can taste when I eat

I counted my hands and my fingers too
and all of the things they allow me to do

I counted the sun and the stars and moon
and every happy song and every catchy tune

I counted the animals; every dog and cat
and the birds and the fish (you surely can’t forget that)

I counted happy endings in the books I read
and I counted acts of kindness done for those in need

I counted camp fires; marshmellows on a stick
and ice cream cones; every single lick

I counted warm days and I counted cool nights
I counted birthday parties and Christmas lights

I counted my house, and my room and bed
I thought to count school, but counted toys instead

I counted all the freedoms that I have today
and the folks who gave so it could be that way

I counted peace and the joy it brings
and I counted God for giving all good things

I counted love, and the forgiveness won
over sin and death through God’s own Son

I counted my family, and I counted my friends
and that was where my counting ends

Cause it seems to me, no matter how I try
When I comes to blessings, I can’t count that high