Through Missions


Chairperson: Mary Craft

Meetings Place and Time: 3rd Tuesday each month at 7:30 pm

Purpose or Action Statement: To help and assist our brothers and sister in Christ and those who do not yet know him in our community with hands on assistance from our church family.

Annual Activities or Events: Nast Trinity, Mission Sunday, 2cents a meal, Buckhorn mission trip, Fill the altar Sunday, Sock/Mitten tree to support local schools

We extend our help to: Matthew 25, Buckhorn Children’s Center, Reach Out Pregnancy Center, Third Presbyterian Church, West Cincinnati Presbyterian Church, Christian Children’s Fund, Presbytery Missions Fund, Love INC., and St. Joseph Carpentry Shop

Youth Missions (Youth Connection & FROG’s)

Youth Connection has a week long mission trip each summer. The destination varies.

Contacts: Doug Jones

FROG’s have 3 types of missions: Shut-in outreach, community outreach and support of our own church.

Contacts: Jody Rivera

*See “Youth” link for more information.

Local missions supported by First Presbyterian Church:

Reach Out Pregnancy Center

Mission Statement: To assist all area women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy situation to realize their value and potential as unique individuals and to become aware of God’s loving plan for them and their family

Harrison Chapter of ROPC 10150 Harrison Ave. Harrison, OH 45030 phone: 513-367-7710

Contact: Jamie Mathers or Website:

Matthew 25 Ministries

Chairperson: Richard Morris 513-367-5413 or

Meetings Place and Times: Meet in church parking lot on the 2nd Monday of each month to take a group of volunteers to work in the warehouse. Meet at 9am and return at 3pm

First Presbyterian Church’s hands-on purpose: We assist Matthew 25 ministries by sorting donated items (such as clothing and supplies) that will be shipped to third world countries or needy areas in the U.S. after natural disasters.

Matthew 25: Ministries Headquarters 11060 Kenwood Rd. Cincinnati, Oh 45242 phone: 513-793-6256

Contact: Joodi Archer or Website:

Love INC. (Love in the name of Christ)

Contact: Bonnie Miller or Website:

Local Chapter of Love INC. P.O. Box 607 Harrison, OH 45030  phone: 513-367-7748

National Headquarters: 430 Oak Grove Street, Suite 400 Minneapolis, MN 55403 phone: 800-777-5277

Meeting: The local board meeting are held at the First Presbyterian Church on the 4th Tuesday of every month starting at 7pm.

Mission Statement: Mobilizing the church to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.

  • We are Christian.
  • Prayer is integral to this ministry.
  • Christ is our example of valuing the poor and needy.
  • We value the unity of the Body of Christ.
  • We value churches living out Loving God and Loving our neighbors *We value building Christ-like relationships
  • We model excellence

How We Help:

  • Help generate untapped volunteer resources
  • Screen requests for help, determine legitimacy and extent of need.
  • Prevent duplication of existing resources already in community.
  • Provide long term self-help solutions to those chronically needing help.
  • Enable churches to reach outside their congregation to meet the Biblical mandate to care for the poor.
  • Give unified witness of God’s love to the community as we work together in the name of Christ.

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